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We have the answer to all your small tool and accessory storage needs. No need to spend hours looking for that lost gardening glove, or extra potting seeds – our Heavy Duty Insert Trays are designed to help you organise these smaller items, so that you can spend more time getting your hands dirty!

Just like our Heavy Duty tubs, our Insert Trays are made from a robust construction to ensure all content inside is protected. Not only are they highly durable, but are made from 100% recycled COPP plastic and feature a copolymer handle for a soft and ergonomic grip. With three different sizes available, we have a tray to suit all your compartment storage needs.

Organise your gardening tools

The Heavy Duty Insert Trays come in three versatile sizes (small, medium and extra-large). Our small tray conveniently fits within our 25L tub, medium trays are compatible within our 40L and 55L tubs and finally our extra-large trays fit in our 100L tubs.

Designed to nest within our Heavy Duty tubs and aesthetically match the style with a black and blue colour scheme, our Insert Trays provide the perfect compartment storage solution.

Organise your gardening equipment

Organise your gardening toolsPerfect for storing your gardening gloves, spade, seeds and other gardening gear, our Insert Trays help you to organise these smaller items, that can often get lost if they don’t have a dedicated home.

Tip – you can store larger items such as a watering can, potting mix and terracotta pots in the tub underneath the Insert Tray – keeping everything you need in one place is practical and will make your life a lot easier.

Organise your tools

Organise your tools

Our 100L tub and Insert Tray provide ample storage space, perfect for keeping your larger tool, such as plyers, sanding blocks and screwdrivers.

Organise everything else

Organise your toolsFinally, a place to store spare screws, door brackets and everything in between. Once you have used our Insert Trays to organise all your bits and bobs, you can conveniently place the lid on the container and store away. Our Heavy Duty tubs are design to provide a modular storage solution, so you can then stack the tubs on top of each other in your garage to save space – the complete storage solution!

Control the chaos in your garage with a little help from our Heavy Duty Range. All products are available at your local Bunnings Warehouse today!

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