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We are excited to introduce three new exciting products to our Inabox Home range…. Meet our new modular drawer range.

Let us introduce our new modular drawer range! With three versatile designs to choose from you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to organisation possibilities. The modular drawers have been strategically designed to function across all areas of your home, however, they are particularly perfect for an office space. The stackable design feature means you can maximise space with a vertical storage solution, meaning you can neatly and effectively organise your office with no need to compromise. The range allows for a discreet home storage option with a white colourway to keep the tone neutral and streamlined.

storage drawers

First up we have the single modular drawer! This drawer is functionally designed to be the perfect large A4 size, making it not only easy to organise your paperwork but can easily fit all your loose items. This handy design is adaptable to any area of your home, we love using it in a home office space, but it could also be used in your bathroom. The single modular drawer is the ideal size to keep handy on your desk for easy access or happily stored away in a nearby cupboard for a streamlined finish.

Horizontal storage drawers

Keep adding to your storage collection with the double horizontal modular drawer, it has the same A4 sizing we love, but with two separate compartments! The opportunities are endless with this drawer, the two compartments make it easy to divide and de-clutter any area. With the two-drawer set up you can easily divide up your personal and work documents to keep a little work life balance. Keep saving that valuable desk space by adding this drawer on top of any of the others in the range.

Vertical storage drawers

To complete the collection, we have also introduced a double vertical modular drawer! It is functionally designed with two separate compartments, ideal for sorting long items or small items that you don’t want rolling around. Don’t forget you can use this range in every room of your home! It’s a great option for makeup and skincare storage needs, keeping your collection organised and streamlining your busy morning routine.

Now you know everything about our new modular drawer range check them out here! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our design blog! See our entire home range here.

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