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Your immediate surroundings can have a huge impact on your mindset. If your home is messy and chaotic, feelings like stress, indecisiveness and procrastination can creep into your psyche.

On the flip side, a tidy and organised home will leave you with a sense of order, calm and control over your environment.

The hardest part is knowing where to start, so here are some handy tips to get going and bring back the positive energy into your space.

Remove or store clutter from communal areas

sort your clutter into Heavy Duty Containers

Over time, we accumulate possessions in the home which we don’t want, need or use. These items are known as clutter. Reclaim your space by discarding or donating your unwanted clutter in communal areas, including the lounge room, bathroom and kitchen.

Be ruthless – if having a lot of stuff on display is having a negative impact on your mindset, then cull as much as possible. Otherwise, sort your clutter into Heavy Duty Containers and store them in a cupboard or garage. This could include books, crockery, glasses and furnishings.

Organise your wardrobe

Organise your wardrobe

When you have visitors, it’s so easy to stash your belongings out of view into a wardrobe. However, the build-up of a messy pile of items behind closed doors will eventually come back to haunt you.

Organising can ease the feeling of being overwhelmed or flustered. Tackling your wardrobe, an area in your home most guests will never see, is a great project for re-organisation. That’s because it’s a task you’re doing for your own wellbeing and not for the benefit of appearing tidy to others.

Start by eliminating clothes and shoes. Ask yourself questions like ‘Do I love it?’ and ‘When was the last time I wore it?’ If you find it hard to answer these questions, that’s a good indication to let it go.

Sort your shoes into Stackable Shoe Boxes so you can keep everything neat and exhibited in an orderly fashion. Hang up your jackets, shirts and dresses. Store your winter jumpers, activewear and jeans into Modular Containers.

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