When protection of your precious belongings matters, you can trust our Sealed Storage Boxes.

With an IP67 rating to protect your gear from the elements such as rain, dust and similar particles, or even full water submersion up to 1m for 30 minutes, these containers are built for your peace of mind.

Level up your storage with Sealed Containers

Designed with impressive features, these containers are perfect for storing old documents, toys, books, food, the list goes on…
Side locking clips
to close container securely.
Silicon rubber seal
keeping stored goods fresh.
Two directional wheels
making transportation easy even when full (and heavy).
BPA free
the better choice for your food and the environment.
Water resistant IP67
protecting your belongings from condensation or light rain.
Dust resistant IP66
protecting your belongings from dust particles.
Transparent design
to easily see what’s inside.