Add a little organisation to the heart of the home with our BPA Free Organiser Trays.

Controlling kitchen clutter doesn’t have to be a chore. Try our Organiser Trays in the pantry, benchtop, fridge or freezer, and keep your staples, snacks, fruit and veg all in their place.

Easily group and declutter with our range of Organiser Trays

With their transparent and shallow design, these trays work perfectly in organising your fridge, pantry or drawers.
BPA free
means stress free storing of dry and cold foods.
Safe for use in the fridge and freezer
making them a perfect choice for your kitchen.
Transparent design
to easily see what’s inside.
Three practical sizes
meaning you can choose and use the size that works for your space.
Convenient handles
to lift, shift and slide to access your food.
Small feet on each Organiser Tray
to ensure an easier clean up of small spills.