A pinch of organisation and a dash of storage can go a long way in the kitchen.

Whether you want to organise your pantry, fridge or cupboard space, we’ve got storage solutions for every corner of your kitchen.

Storage tips for organising your pantry

The pantry is arguably the most important (and loved) cupboard in your home. With multiple hands reaching for snacks and ingredients, it’s no surprise that it can pretty become a bit chaotic. Keep it tidy with our top tips.
Consider functionality when you’re organising
keep the essentials front and centre.
Group pantry staples
eg. canned goods, spices, cereals, pasta and so on.
Opt for a transparent storage option
to easily see what ingredients you have on hand.
Continually rotate stocked goods
avoiding potential food waste from expired food.
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Organiser Trays

Keep your home and kitchen well organised with Inabox Organiser Trays.

Perfect for storing dry and cold food with its lightweight and durable design.

Available Sizes: small, medium and large

Modular Containers

Inabox Home offers a family of designer boxes that will enhance any homes décor.

Inspired by functionality, the Modular Containers showcase fully integrated pieces that nest within each other making organisation a dream.

Available Sizes: 5L, 8L, 19L, 28L, 39L