Searching for a high-quality storage solution for your garage, storage unit or the back of your ute? Then say hello to our Heavy Duty Containers.

When protection of your belongings matters, you can trust our Heavy Duty Containers to keep your goods safe. With a strong and rigid body and clever design that allows for stable vertical stacking, you’ll safely store your goods while maximizing available storage space with this premium storage solution.

Robust construction to ensure all contents inside are protected

These containers will change the way you organise your garage and save space.
Strong and durable construction
to ensure your belongings inside are protected.
Clip-lock handles
to securely close your container and move it from A to B with ease.
Stackable design
that makes the most of your vertical storage space.
for easy storing away when not in use.
Padlock socket
for extra security when required.
Attractive design
that provides that cohesive look you always wanted in your garage.