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Organising your living room has never been easier! With these simple tips we will declutter your space in time to watch the latest episode of your favourite show.

The first thing you need to do when de-cluttering your living room, is ensure everything you want to keep handy has a dedicated spot in the space. When is the last time you used that DVD collection? It may just be collecting dust along with your DVD player. If you’re not keen on throwing away the collection you can store these away in our home tubs, which are a great storage solution, they are the perfect size for DVD’s and even video games. Store the tub away and keep out of sight whilst not in use.

Organise Your Living Room

For all those extra pesty cables that the living room accumulates, keep them all in the one spot by using insert trays. Not only will this method create a fuss free way to locate the cable you need quickly, the tray compartments will also easily separate the cords and keep them from tangling.

The more storage the better in a living room, as it can easily become a dumping ground with its multi-purpose nature. When selecting furniture consider options that have a dual purpose and extra storage! Selecting an ottoman with storage inside is a life saver.

An important part of organising your living room is the layout, as it can considerably affect the functionality of the space. A key part of Feng Shui is minimalism and de-cluttering, incorporating this in to your living room will assist in organising the space. Feng Shui encompasses a sense of flow and intentional balance to a space by having clear zones with movement in-between.

Organise Your Living Room

For long term decluttering consider the one item in, one item out rule. This rule stipulates that when you are purchasing new items, you need to consider what that item is going to replace. This thought process will assist in keeping the living room clutter free long term.

We hope these living room organisation tips were helpful! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our design blog! See our entire home range here.

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