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Time to give your fridge a clean out? Our tips will help you create a system that works for you and lasts.

It’s easy for your fridge to get out of control, with multiple people in a household accessing and using the space, if you don’t have a set structure and method for using the space, it doesn’t take long before your meat is mixed in with vegetables and you have three tubs of butter. Creating a system will not only make your life a lot easier, but it will save you time and in the long term, money too!

The first step to undertake when organising your fridge is clearing it out completely. Take everything out and place the contents of your fridge on your kitchen bench. Then you’ll need to wipe down all surfaces, ensuring you remove any food residue or spilt liquids. Make sure when you clean this space, that you use cleaning products that are refrigerator safe.

Once you have wiped down the surfaces, you’ll need to check the contents of your fridge. Look at the used by dates for all condiments and deli items such as olives and cheese. If there is anything passed its used by date, then responsibly dispose of these items. Once the fridge is clean, give each product a quick clean to remove any sticky residue.

Inabox Medium Organiser Tray

Before placing your food back in the fridge, come up with a plan for how you will organise the space. Our Tidy Tubs are perfect for storing fruit and vegetables if you don’t have enough space in your drawers, they are also great for storing condiments, eggs and snacks. They are fridge and freezer safe and are also BPA Free. Placing like items together, will mean you can easily find what you need and will also allow you to identify when you may need to re-stock certain products.

Inabox tidy fridge storage


Here are a few tips to consider when organising your fridge;

  • Try to keep your cooked food and raw food separate. Uncooked meats should be placed on the bottom shelf if possible
  • Place vegetables in the same space (preferable a drawer if your fridge has one)
  • Keep dairy produce and deli products together
  • If you can, place your milk on a shelf in your fridge, not in the door as it is cooler on the shelf, which will help to preserve its quality
  • Condiments can be stored together on the top shelf or in the door of your fridge

After organising your fridge, it could be a good time to assess the quantity of food you are purchasing and whether you are actually consuming everything that’s inside. Where possible, try to avoid food wastage, this can be done by changing up your weekly shop, to visiting the supermarket maybe two or three times a week to allow for a more accurate shop.

Once you have organised your fridge, we would recommend giving it a regular clean, once a month, just to maintain the space and ensure it remains clean and tidy!

We hope this was helpful, you can explore our range of fridge and freezer organisation solutions here! For more storage tips and tricks, check out our design blog!

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