Are you tired of your cluttered and messy garage?

Organising your garage is one of the most satisfying weekend projects around. Here are seven storage ideas using Inabox Heavy Duty Containers and Sealed Storage Boxes to help you get started.

Plan and take the time to do it properly
Organising a cluttered space can be a huge task, so make sure you allocate enough time and don’t rush it. We suggest planning everything, from the how you want to layout the space to which storage tubs will best suit your needs.

Make a list of the items you need and head over to your local Bunnings, then you’ll have everything you need to get organising.

Invest in open shelving racks

Good open shelving is an ultimate storage solution for a well organised garage. Investing in open shelving means you can comfortably store the majority of your belongings off the ground and into boxes for easy access when you need them.

Create Categories:

Once your shelves are installed, the next step is to separate everything into categories to organise and store for convenience. Common categories include Christmas decorations, recycling, sports and leisure equipment, camping gear, car cleaners and oils, garden supplies, craft, garden and D.I.Y tools. Gather your items into their categories and store in our robust and stackable Heavy Duty Containers and Sealed Storage Boxes. We also have Insert Trays for the Heavy Duty Containers to help you further organise your small items.

Donate or get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in any category:

Getting rid of items that no longer serve you is an important step in the organising process. If your belongings are still in good condition, try to donate them to someone in need. Removing clutter creates space and makes organising a whole lot easier. An uncluttered area creates an uncluttered mind, they work hand in hand, and who doesn’t want that?

Use vertical storage for your Inabox Heavy Duty Tubs:

Vertical storage allows you to maximise storage in a small space, stacking tubs you don’t need to access often on top of each other. Nesting Containers will leave your area organised and well maintained.

Top tip – make sure you create designated clear access areas so you can easily move around your garage.

Kids toy storage:

Kids toys have a habit of accumulating over time and can create clutter if left lying around. It’s important to allocate a space in your garage storage unit for your kids toys to ensure a clean and clear space inside the house.

Categories of toys can vary, from everyday items such as sports equipment, play accessories or bikes to keepsakes such as teddy bears, train equipment or doll houses. Store everyday items in an accessible area.

Store all keepsake toys in our Heavy Duty Containers and Sealed Storage Boxes, their robust construction will ensure the contents is protected when storing away or when being transported.


Create a designated recycling area for a greener home. Teach the kids to separate paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, compost and other items, using our 28L Inabox Modular Containers to keep everything in its place with a lid.

There you have it, our top tips on how to organise your garage space.