We all know the feeling of opening your linen cupboard and being greeted with chaos.

Towels mixed up with pillow cases, fitted sheets stuffed into a ball– yep, that feeling.

By following a few of our handy tips, we’re pleased to say that we have a solution. In six easy steps we’ll help you organise your linen cupboard and breathe some calm into your home.

Empty Your Cupboard

The first step is to empty your linen cupboard. Having an empty space will give you a clean slate so you can plan where your items will be stored. You might be surprised at how much space you actually have!

What items do you still need?

Sort through the contents of your linen cupboard and figure out what you still use and what to donate or responsibly discard. This is not the time to be sentimental with your linen, if it’s no longer of use or to your taste, it’s time to part ways.

If your towels and linen are still in good condition, think about donating them to charity. If your towels and linen are damaged or worn out, consider donating it to a pet shelter such as the RSPCA.

Use storage tubs

We recommend buying tubs with lids to store all your items. Using tubs keeps everything in its allocated group and the lid not only prevent dust, they allow you to stack your items depending on your storage space. Check out the Inabox Modular Containers range at your local Bunnings for some great storage options.

Group similar items together

Once you have sorted through what you will keep and what items you no longer require, you can start to organise your items in groups. Fold your sheets and towels neatly, then lay them on the shelf or store in your Inabox Home tubs. Follow this process for all other items that might be in your linen cupboard such as cleaning products, pillows or tea towels. By starting out with a clean and tidy space, you are more likely to maintain that organisation.

Structure your shelves

Consider how often you would use a particular item and store it on the shelf accordingly. For something like bath towels which would have regular usage, store them at the most accessible shelf level. You might want to store your heavy winter blankets on a higher shelf as they would only be used on a seasonal basis, and always remember to store cleaning products out of reach of children.

Label your tubs and shelves

The final step in getting your linen cupboard organised is to label your tubs and shelves. This creates structure in the cupboard and will encourage you to keep everything in order. This also helps when the kids are old enough to help with laundry. We are huge fans of labelling!

Hopefully these handy tips will inspire you to create an organised linen closet, so next time you go looking for a queen-sized fitted sheet you’ll be able to find it easily and without creating a mess!