A popular location for storing cleaning supplies, such as sprays, detergents and cloths, is the cupboard underneath the sink.

Over time, products you no longer need can consume this under sink area, making it look cluttered and untidy. Here are some easy organisation hacks to help you reclaim this space.

Declutter The Space First

Before organising the space under your sink, take everything out and declutter. Discard expired products, empty bottles or items you no longer use. This will give you a clean slate to work with. Make sure you wipe down the inside of the cupboard to remove dust or grime before you start placing items back in.

Invest In Containers for Storage

Inabox containers come in a range of different stackable sizes, making them the perfect choice when organising your products and maximising a small area.

Our stylish Modular Containers range from 5 – 28 litres, meaning that there is a size to fit any space. The containers can be nested within each other, making vertical storage a breeze.

Utilise The Door for Storage

Utilising the doors for additional storage can be a game changer. You can install hooks on the inside of your doors to hang gloves or dish cloths for easy access.

Group Items Together

Divide your items into similar groups such as dishwashing supplies, trash bags, dish cloths for an additional storage solution to take your Modular Containers further, place smaller items like plugs, dishwashing tablets or tea towels into our Insert Trays.  

Regular Maintenance

Set aside time every few months to reassess and reorganise the space under your sink. Dispose of any expired products, rearrange items as needed, and maintain the organisation system you've implemented.

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